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True Enterprise Quality vs Simple Apps

Graphite GTC has been built from ground up to be an enterprise class application builder while most other low-code platforms are used to build peripheral applications. Features such as SOX compliance, data concurrency support, authorization controls, multi-language and multi-currency are inherently built into Graphite GTC developed applications. Security protection against attacks such as Cross Browser Scripting, SQL injection are standard and out-of-the-box with Graphite GTC generated applications.

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Standard Code vs Proprietary

Graphite GTC generates standard Visual Studio projects. Unlike other competitors in the no-code space, when you build your project in Graphite GTC, you own the code.

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Deployment Freedom vs Proprietary Runtime

Graphite GTC applications run on IIS without any other installation. Other platforms require proprietary runtime engines, limiting your options significantly when deploying your applications.

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Future Proof Development vs Short Sighted

Graphite GTC produces standard code and architecture recommended by Microsoft. This allows seamless upgrades to the generated code as new design patterns and languages emerge from Microsoft, providing an advantage to keep ahead of competition. Other low-code vendors do not have this provision as their language or x-code is upgraded at their whim-and-fancy.

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OOP Development vs Imperative

Applications generated by Graphite GTC contain all features a well architected modern web application should bring to the table. A programmer can at any time open the Visual Studio Project and confirm that these features are in fact being generated. All OOP features such as inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction and encapsulation are built into Graphite GTC.

Integration both exposing and consuming a service is achieved with a few clicks, thus making all applications SOA compliant. Graphite GTC provides developers the ability to connect to external binaries, extending integration capabilities.