Enterprise-Class Powerful

Build enterprise-class applications without writing code. Develop solutions for any business need.

Secure, Scalable, Proven

Generate standard code to run on any stack including Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Graphite GTC's scalable applications do not require proprietary runtime environments.

Drag-and-Drop Easy

Build back-end behaviors and front-end interfaces using Graphite GTC's drag-and-drop capabilities.

A Single Platform

Graphite GTC includes all features, functionality, and integrated tools needed to build enterprise-class applications. Users will never need to leave the platform to complete a project.


Incorporate multi-currency and multi-language support with ease.

Version Control

Seamlessly connect to your source control and manage your change control.

Automated Generation

With the click of a button, compile and deploy organized and efficient code.

Integrated Debugger

Instantly identify errors in business logic using Graphite GTC's visual debugger.

Cloud Deployment

Deploy your application to any cloud service or infrastructure with the push of a button.

Smart Refactoring Support

Refactor your applications with Graphite GTC's automated analysis to ensure safe design improvements.

Service API

Easily interface Graphite GTC applications with other services. Visually define processes to consume or provide APIs.

Testing Manager

Create and run tests graphically to verify business logic. Enable continuous integration and get analysis on unit test coverage.

Built-In Security

Manage users and passwords via a membership service. Control access at a granular level through role based authorization.

Graphite GTC Benefits

Empower Your Team

Allow your development team to be more productive by removing mundane tasks associated with traditional programming.

Embrace Globalization

Graphite GTC provides support for multi-language, multi-currency, and locale-specific functionality out-of-the-box.

Increase Your Returns

Discover business impact and quantify project value faster. Reduce development time of your projects.

Rapidly Develop Solutions

Deliver quality software ahead of time and under budget. Quickly implement and refine requirements for the project with accurate results.

Create Mobile Ready Apps

Build your application once and deliver on any device. Support mobile users with responsive design of every application.

Eliminate Communication Barriers

Allow business experts to be involved throughout the software development life-cycle by providing a common method of communication.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

  • U.S. Department of Treasury

    "Graphite GTC provided risk free digital transformation for the CDFI Fund Portfolio Monitoring - No more spreadsheets to manage our loan guarantees!"

    - Senior Federal Representative
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  • U.S. Department of Energy

    "The result is less time dedicated to simple tasks and more time focused on critical business functions"

    - Senior Federal Representative
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  • Crucial Care

    "The speed and reliability of the development has brought huge value to us, and it wouldn't have been possible without a tool like Graphite GTC."

    - Chris Garson, CIO
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  • 1-Less Chore

    "Graphite GTC not only built us a custom solution for a quarter of the time and cost estimated from other vendors, it also allowed us to fully recognize the benefits of digital transformation. The team took the time to understand my needs and they were a pleasure to work with."

    - Ken Hantman, President & Founder
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