Graphite GTC feature to edit entities

Model Entities

Create and design the application data model in a fully visual manner. Application entities are built and managed easily to produce the data requirements essential to the business processing of the application.

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Simple graphic showcasing a blueprint

Generate Data Model

Graphite GTC generates a complete relational database based on the designed Entity model. This is accomplished using ORM tools such as Entity Framework 6.0. Graphite GTC also provides tools necessary to update the database structure.

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Graphite GTC feature to build behaviors

Build Logic

Define all application processing with visibility and control. All business logic is expressed in graphical flowcharts for every application instruction and provide detailed self-documented solutions.

Circle icon to represent asyncronous processing

Asynchronous Processing

Graphite GTC offers a special purpose library that allows developers to run behaviors asynchronously. These can be processed across multiple servers and be scheduled to run at any time.

Bullseye icon to represent unit testing

Unit Test

Graphite GTC provides developer tools to conduct robust unit testing. Developers can create robust unit tests specific to every model and execute these processes within the Graphite GTC platform.

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Graphite GTC feature for drag-and-drop user interface builder

Construct UI

Drag and drop construction of all end user screens. See screens build dynamically in the screen preview window and tailor all user interactions to your exact specifications. Build and refine screens with speed and ease to ensure applications are robust and intuitive.

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Integrate Web Services

Icon representing consumption of web services

Consume Web Services

Easily integrate Graphite GTC with other systems. Consumption of web services is achieved by registering the SOAP or REST service. The added API can be used in any process model in Graphite GTC.

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Radar icon representing exposing of new web services

Expose Web Services

Graphite GTC makes it easy to create APIs. Any process model in Graphite GTC can be exposed as a web service with the push of a button. These models are made available over HTTPs using SOAP or REST.

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Blocks representing extensibility of web applications


Digital Transformation in any large organization will require new applications to co-exist with legacy apps. One approach is with the use of web services, however in some cases there is a need to connect directly with existing assets. Graphite GTC provides the capability to directly connect to binaries developed by traditional development methodologies.

Sample application showcased on mobile and laptio device

Graphite GTC Generates 100% of the Application

Graphite GTC generates 100% of your application using only graphical modeling. This approach increases the productivity of your team by reducing development time.

Presentation Logos for HTML, CSS, and JS
Application Logo for .Net
Database Logo for Microsoft SQL Server
OS Logo for Microsoft Windows
Platform Logo for Microsoft Azure

Technology Behind the Applications

Build responsive web applications that can be viewed from any device. Graphite GTC uses the Microsoft stack latest technologies to generate enterprise-class applications that follow best practices in software development.

Illustration of application being deployed

Flexible Deployment

Deploy applications to your local environment or to a cloud infrastructure of your choice. Customers looking to further decrease the time required to develop and deploy software are encouraged to use Microsoft Azure PaaS.

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UI Framework

Graphite GTC's UI framework allows users to develop applications that are responsive and support multi-language and multi-theme functionality.

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Application Security

Graphite GTC uses modern development and deployment strategies to eliminate vulnerabilities in your web-based applications.

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Smart Applications

Graphite GTC works as a conduit to build smart applications - harnessing the power of cognitive engines available in the marketplace.

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