Q: Do Graphite GTC generated applications require a run time or interpreter to run on the server?
Graphite GTC does not need any proprietary server module for its applications to function. Our generated applications follow code-first MVC software design patterns.
Q: Is Graphite GTC a middleware platform?
Graphite GTC is not a middleware platform. It is a no-code development platform with the ability to integrate with other systems.
Q: How much quicker can Graphite GTC develop applications compared to traditional methods?
Graphite GTC-built web applications take a fraction of the time to build. Our current clients have seen development time drop to 1/8th to 1/3rd the time of traditional means.
Q: Does Graphite GTC generate C# code?
Graphite GTC has been developed to generate any stack - both current and future. Currently, it generates a full .NET MVC Web application. The artifacts generated are HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, C# and the database is generated using EntityFramework 6.0.
Q: Is Graphite GTC cheaper than traditional development means?
Graphite GTC built web applications are significantly cheaper than traditional development methods.
Q: Is Graphite GTC HIPAA/SOX compliant?
Graphite GTC handles all HIPAA and SOX compliance automatically.
Q: How does Graphite differ from competitors?
Graphite GTC was developed specifically to build Enterprise Class applications using no-code. All other competitors build departmental applications, applications within a specific vertical or workflow applications that require coding as soon as complex business logic is required for the solution.
Q: How do I know what level of pricing I need?
Graphite GTC is priced based on the components used to build applications. Typically, a Small Application uses 5,000 components (50 Web pages, 50-100 Entities), a Medium Application uses 20,000 components (100 Web pages, 100-200 Entities) and a Large Application uses 50,000 components (350 Web pages, 200-500 Entities). We will work with you to determine the appropriate pricing level needed.
Q: How does Graphite handle training?
Graphite GTC offers training and reference manuals that can be used to gain complete understanding of the development process. Additionally, Graphite GTC offers on and off site hands-on training for clients who have currently licensed Graphite GTC.
Q: Does Graphite have a partner network to assist in building applications?
Yes, Graphite GTC has strategic partnerships with several Systems Integrators in both the Public and Private sectors. Graphite GTC also has an in-house elite service division that can be retained.
Q: Who do you consider your true competitors?
While there are several organizations that consider themselves to be in low-code space, ranging from generating wrappers to business logic to completely building business logic through low-code, Graphite GTC is the only vendor in the no-code marketplace.
Q: Why is Graphite GTC an Enterprise class application versus the competition in the space?
As mentioned above most vendors in the no-code/low-code space simply provide wrappers to help developers write traditional code quicker. However, there are vendors other than Graphite GTC in the marketplace that do provide the true low-code option. Graphite GTC outshines these vendors by providing out-of-the-box enterprise class application features such as Object Orientation (Inheritance, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism), SOX/HIPAA compliance, Asynchronous processing, undo/redo processing for FINTECH, Role-based security, concurrency controls for data updates. For full list of supported enterprise class application features see platform page.

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