Three application windows in different colors

Customizable Themes

Applications built using Graphite GTC provider users the capability to choose from any one of our provided themes. Developers may also create customized themes for specific projects or clients.

Assortment of devices showing a stylized sample of apps

Responsive Design

Build fully responsive web applications that can be used on any device. Using the latest specs in web technology, Graphite GTC provides cutting edge mobile first user interfaces.

Silhouette of people with speach bubbles in different languages

Multi-Language Support

In a globalized world applications need to work across borders. Graphite GTC removes the need for developers to engage in translations. During UI Design developers use keywords that later can be translated.

Two buttons showing differences in color and shape

Customizable View Elements

While Graphite GTC offers users a wide selection of pre-built UI elements, users may create their own in our View Builder. Add custom view elements with libraries and use them anywhere within your Graphite GTC application.