Graphite GTC was founded in 2012 by an ambitious group of enterprise software veterans who set out on a path to completely change the software development paradigm. During the initial years the team focused on building out a no-code software development platform that would adhere to all of the latest and greatest enterprise software development principles while reducing the friction between the business and IT. The goal was to build a platform that would allow users to develop solutions visually, without ever having to jump out and write a single line of code. Graphite GTC has fulfilled its goal of building the first true no-code platform and has since completed many successful client implementations.

The Graphite GTC team is comprised of dedicated software and business professionals who are passionate about the no-code development space.

Prior to forming Graphite GTC, the Graphite GTC Team founded a company called AdminServer. AdminServer provided software and professional services to the insurance industry and specialized in building a robust Policy Administration System that was used by the largest global insurance organizations. AdminServer had 17 of the top 20 Insurance Companies as their customers and installed software solutions in over 38 countries. In just ten years AdminServer had grown from a few guys working in an apartment to over 500 employees and they began receiving recognition from the larger software conglomerates. In 2008, AdminServer was successfully acquired by Oracle Corporation.

In 2012, several founding members of AdminServer joined forces once again to build what they believed would be the next lineage of software development. Their goal was to build a platform that would remove the friction between business users and developers. In order to facilitate this they embarked on a journey to build a platform that would develop solutions visually, without ever having to write a single line of traditional code. After three years of development the Graphite Studio No-Code Platform was fully developed and ready to be shared with the world. This platform truly achieved the goal of end-to-end visual development for enterprise software. Graphite GTC has proved this out with the completion of many successfully client implementations using the platform. Graphite GTC continues to conduct research and development for the enhancement of the no-code platform technology.

Today you can find the Graphite Studio Platform available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. As the only no-code platform on the market that can build enterprise-class applications, Graphite Studio is the ultimate solution for organizations looking to achieve rapid digital transformation.


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