"Graphite GTC not only built us a custom solution for a quarter of the time and cost estimated from other vendors, it also allowed us to fully recognize the benefits of digital transformation. The team took the time to understand my needs and they were a pleasure to work with."

Ken Hantman, President & Founder

1-Less Chore

  • 5 months Project Timeline
  • Cost SavingsRapid DevelopmentFully IntegratedRemove Manual ProcessesDigital Transformation


1-Less Chore is a dry-cleaning pickup and delivery service provider operating in Pennsylvania. Offering premium customer service, 1-Less Chore prides itself on providing quick turnaround dry-cleaning and laundry services.

In an effort to streamline their operational processes, 1-Less Chore was looking for a mobile offering to provide to their customers and employees. The mobile offering was intended to provide customers with quick and easy-access to real-time order statuses, order history and mobile payment options. Additionally, 1-Less Chore needed an application that would allow delivery drivers to view their routes, on-demand, and identify customer order information.


  • Customers didn't have a modern or automated way to access order statuses
  • Existing systems were clunky and didn't allow for mobile capabilities
  • Business operated ten different websites
  • Manual communication with customers
  • Lost time due to insufficient order scheduling mechanism
  • Inadequate method of tracking garments


  • Mobile dry-cleaning order and delivery application
  • Remove manual processes from business operations
  • Driver can view entire route for the day via a mobile device
  • Turn-by-turn directions for driver's route
  • Garment check-points
  • Customer can easily arrange or cancel order pickups


  • Operations are real-time and streamlined
  • Customers have immediate access to their order progress
  • Manual efforts are removed for drivers
  • Significant reduction in the time to complete daily routes
  • Eliminates the risk of misplaced garments
  • Removes the opportunity for drivers to make manual mistakes

Project Details

Prior to having the mobile solution in place, 1-Less Chore was struggling with the manual processes between drivers, management and customers. Drivers were receiving a list of customer addresses on printed paper to determine their routes each day. Using their paper route sheet, drivers would then have to plug the address into a GPS or rely on their own recollection of locations and efficient driving routes. Quite often the drivers were getting lost and arriving at the wrong location, wasting a lot of unnecessary time and energy and slowing down delivery to the customers.

Additionally, the business managers were relying on personal emails and text messages to communicate with customers. Management was using the text and email responses to create driver routes for the next day. This was not an efficient method of communication, as many customers would forget to cancel their scheduled pickups and the drivers would spend unnecessary time stopping at extra locations.

After understanding the current business processes and the various technological tools that were being used to run the business, the Graphite GTC team provided a holistic strategy that would best fit with the core business processes. The Graphite GTC team built the entire solution in less than 6 months. The total solution incorporates both a customer-facing application and a driver-facing application, which both work seamlessly together. The 1-Less Chore mobile solution updates order status and route information real-time, resulting in significantly increased customer service and ultimate operational efficiency.

Due to the success of this project, 1-Less Chore has also chosen Graphite GTC for the development of all of their back-office applications. Additionally, the Graphite GTC team has begun the process of re-branding the company website and other consumer-facing marketing materials.